THE ANGLE - A Collaboration with Colour
Presenting one canvas created by 49 of the worlds best 3D artists. At a distance, the canvas appears to be a gradient of rich purple through to baked yellow, but at a closer look each artist has created their own mini masterpiece. 
Each artist was randomly assigned a tile. The brief was then to create a 1x1 image within the confounds of the colour of which the tile was allocated. Each artist had complete creative freedom to do whatever they felt suited that square. 
The story of this piece can be told not only from the individual artists but as a collaboration where the artistic journey is demonstrated not only within each unique square but also with the conversation between each of the artists pieces. This has allowed each artist the space to express their own conceptions whilst being shared as part of a collaborative piece.


001 Martin Salfity 002 Fabian Aerts 003 Rolando 004 Linus Zoll 005 Lucabis 006 Stee Shaw 007 Adriana Mora 008 Scott Geersen 009 Facu Labo 010 Thanu Lee 011 Aaron Covrett 012 Rory McLean 013 Antar Walker 014 Jonathan Lindgren 015 Ian Chudleigh 016 Odette 017 YasNV 018 Jesper Lindborg 019 Sebastian Helene 020 Zachary Corzine 021 Chromashifts​​​​​​​ 022 Luca Struchen 023 Fabio Sobrin 024 Helen Hsu 025 Dan Hoopert 026 Ponio 027 Lady Caballo 028 Alex Levinton 029 Mark Linder 030 Taehoon Park 031 Nick Zieroff 032 Itsscott 033 Alvaro Navarro 034 The Dink 035 Jose Checa 036 Woosung 037 Liam Pitchford 038 Nemanja Ivanovic 039 Phillip Peters 040 Fede Kanno 041 Obsēdant 042 Sasha Vinogradova 043 Gryun 044 Ben Watts 045 Rich Nosworthy 046 Hitabarity 3D 047 Christina Worner 048 Shane Hanlon 049 Jeff Han

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